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Can’t make my mind up about this one. I didn’t hate it, but I definitely didn’t love it. I just didn’t really like the whole idea tbh, and I don’t feel I have much at all to say about it…



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WHYYY did it have to have Angelina Jolie in it? seriously? Words can not describe how much I hate looking at her face, she just can not be described as human, she looks like a disfigured doll, she’d certainly be a good advert against plastic surgery anyway. But yeah apart from that I liked it. It was pretty gruesome, and for some reason the ears on that monster are the thing that stick in my mind, they really made me cringe. Still can’t quite get my head round why they felt the need to do it animated though?

The Stepford wives, 1975

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I do quite like this film, It’s quite  a mad idea really, although it makes sense for the time it was made in, with feminism at an all time high. I just need to watch the remake now (I have seen it before but my memory is like a sieve)

Point Break and Top Gun

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Just wrote an essay on the relations between men in these films. Topgun is a pretty good film and Point Break was awesomeee, I’d never seen it before, but I’m defo gona buy it when I have a spare few quid. Its strange, because I would have always thought that Topgun would be much easier to talk about in terms of homosexuality, homo-eroticism and the male homo-social bond, than I first thought Point Break would be. However, the essay ended up being pretty much about Point Break with little bits of Topgun added in there. The language is very homoerotic in Point Break, and Keanu Reeves could not objectify Patrick Swayze more unless he stripped him naked!

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

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Was pretttty awesome 🙂 Watched it in 2D cos 3D is shiiit! The only problem was that I haven’t seen the half blood prince, cos I’m stupid! But yeah, all I can really say is, DOBBYYYYYYY!!! 😥

King Kong 1933, King Kong 2005

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Not really a fan of either. I saw the 2005 version in the cinema and hated it, I dont like Jack Black for a start, and I dont understand why Hollywood have to put comedy into everything now, it’s really not needed here. The film is basically a montage of the same scene, over and over again. Girl and Ape fall in love – 64538786545 times. Oh thanks, really needed to waste 3 hours on a shit remake.

And the first one, it’s not as bad but I’m just not really a fan of classic Hollywood, even though I probably should be, studying film and all.


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I was looking forward to this film so much! And I was very disappointed! Bad casting, bad acting, bad storyline…good special effects. It was a shame because it could have been awesome!